Mail Forwarding FAQs


Question: What will my address look like?
Answer: Your Name(s)
     1530 PB Ln #**** (to be assigned)
     Wichita Falls, Texas

Question: How long does it take to receive my new address?
Answer: Once all completed paperwork is in the office, your new address will be issued the same day it is received or no later than the next business day.

Question: Is there a charge for changing my forwarding address?
Answer: No, there is never a charge to change your forwarding address.

Question: Is there a charge to dispose of “junk” mail?
Answer: No, there is no extra charge to shred “presorted standard” or “junk” mail. “Junk” mail is shredded on site by a professional document shredding company. A certificate of destruction is available upon request.

Question: If I use the Scanning or Forwarding Service, do I have to become a Texas resident?
Answer: No, if you would like to only use our services as a mailing address and for the convenience of using a Mail Forwarding Agent then you do not have to become a Texas resident.

Question: Can I call or email to ask if a piece of mail is in my box?
Answer: Yes, you can call our toll free number (866) 766-2095 or email Elaine at [email protected]

Question: What are the office hours?
Answer: Office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday CST. You can call and leave a message anytime.

Question: What county is Wichita Falls located in?
Answer: Wichita Falls is located in Wichita County. We are 2 hours south of Oklahoma City, OK and 2 hours north of Dallas, TX.

Question: How long has Texas Home Base been in business?
Answer: Texas Home Base has been in business since November 2002.

Question: How is the best way to contact Texas Home Base?
Answer: Email is the best way to contact us.* However, if you need to call our office, our toll free phone number is (866) 766-2095.

Question: Can I have medications and packages sent to my Texas Home Base address?
Answer: Yes, we do receive medicine and small packages. We ask that you do not receive packages over 20 lbs.

Question: Is there a handling charge to forward packages to me?
Answer: No, there is no extra charge for forwarding small packages. We will only charge your Postage Account for the actual shipping cost.  

Question: Can I place my mail on hold until I am ready to receive it?
Answer: Yes, anytime you are traveling and unable to receive your mail, we can hold it for you. When you are ready to receive your mail, just let us know a forwarding address and the mail will be sent out.

Question: If I have a traveling companion can we both be on the same contract?
Answer: Yes, if we forward the mail to the same address each time. If there are separate forwarding addresses, then each person will need their own contract.

Question: Can you forward mail internationally?
Answer: Yes, we can forward mail to every country that USPS, UPS, and FedEx services will deliver to.

Question: Can my children receive mail at my Texas Home Base address?
Answer: Yes, your children can receive mail at your new address. Please let us know the names of your children on your contract and their mail will be sent to your forwarding address. If they will need separate forwarding instructions with each mailing, they will need a separate contract.

Question: What will happen to any remaining postage in my Postage Account after I have ended my contract with Texas Home Base?
Answer: We are obligated to forward any mail we receive for you for 6 months after your contract has ended. After that 6 month period, we will refund the remaining balance of your Postage Account.

Question: Will I receive Login information as a Mail Forwarding client?  
Answer: No, at this time the THB Account portion of our website is only available to our Mail Scanning clients. 

Question: How can I add money to my Postage Account? 
Answer: To add money to your Postage Account, you can either use our Postage Account page or you can email Dru at [email protected] with your request. 

Question: How will I know how much money is in my Postage Account? 
Answer: Each time your mail is sent, your Postage Account balance will be written on the bottom of the postage label attached to your envelope. If you would like to know your Postage Account balance before your mail is sent, you can email Dru at [email protected] 

Question: Will my bank accept a Texas Home Base address? 
Answer: Most banks will accept a Texas Home Base address. However, there are several banks that do not allow their members to use a CMRA address. To our knowledge these banks include: Bank of America, American Express and CitiBank. 

*For information regarding your forwarding address, special requests, information:
    Elaine Pennartz, Owner and Office Manager – [email protected]
*For information regarding your Contract Expiration Date, Postage Account, Account Information:
    Dru Pennartz-Morrison, Accounts Manager – [email protected]
*For information regarding your scanned documents –
    Julie Stewart, Scanning Manager – [email protected]