Mail Scanning FAQs


Question: How does the Scanning Service work?
Answer: When the mail comes into the office, each piece is named sequentially and according to the month received (ex: aug01, aug02, aug03, etc.). Each document is opened, scanned, and uploaded to your online THB account or sent via email once a week. Once you have read the mail, you will instruct us to Hold, Shred or Forward each document. Example - You may wish to have 08aug-01 and 08aug-02 shredded, 08aug-03 held for forwarding, and 08aug-04 forwarded immediately to a forwarding address you provide.

Question: Do I have to set up a Postage Account if I use the Scanning Service?
Answer: If you will never want any piece of mail to be physically forwarded to you then you will not be required to set up a Postage Account. However, if you request any piece of mail forwarded you must then fund a Postage Account

Question: Can my mail be sorted and all “junk mail” and “non-profit” mail be separated?
Answer: Yes, as a scanning client we will never scan “junk mail” or the advertisements that come in some statements. You will be able to choose whether or not you would like to receive “non-profit” mail.

Question: Can I establish residency in Texas with your address?**
Answer: If you are new to the travelling lifestyle there are many decisions that you will be making.  One of the most important decisions is where to establish residency or your “domicile.” You are free to choose from all 50 states, but remember you can only be a resident of one state. You must consider vehicle registration, auto insurance, health insurance, voter registration, driver’s license, mail, state income taxes, jury duty, and probate. Intent is important as well. If you intend to be a Texas resident, you must do certain things to show this. Some of those things are to register your vehicles in the county of residence, get a Texas Driver’s license, get Texas vehicle insurance, employ a Texas attorney, join a local library, establish a Texas bank account, or register to vote. These actions show intent to make Texas your domicile. Of course, you will need an address in the state that you intend to be a resident of and that is usually your mailing address. Your “residence” is where you lay your head to sleep, but your “domicile” is a permanent place that does not change. You will be able to use a Texas Home Base address as your ”domicile” to make the aforementioned efforts to establish residency in Texas (ex. Texas Driver’s License, vehicle insurance, voter registration, etc.) 

Question: How long do we store your scanned mail?
Answer: All scanned mail is securely shredded after 3 months unless we are instructed to hold specific documents per client request.

Question: Are you able to deposit a check if I receive one?
Answer: Yes, if you provide us with a pre-printed deposit slip associated with your bank account number, we will send the check to your bank at your request. 

Question: Will my bank accept a Texas Home Base address? 
Answer: Most banks will accept a Texas Home Base address. However, there are several banks that do not allow their members to use a CMRA address. To our knowledge these banks include: Bank of America, American Express and CitiBank. 


Question: How will I instruct Texas Home Base to Hold, Shred or Forward my mail if I have use the email service?  
Answer: You will instruct us to "Hold, Shred, or Forward" via a reply to each weekly email you receive. We ask that you provide a forwarding address with each "Forward" request sent via email. 


For FAQs on our THB Account service please visit our THB Account FAQs page. 

**This is strictly information. It is not intended to be legal advice. Consult an attorney for all legal matters.