Account Troubleshooting


Problem: I am a Mail Forwarding or Emailed Scanning client and I did not receive a Username or Password. What should I do? 
Answer: At this time, the accounts section does not hold any account information like Postage Account balance, credit card on file or contract expiration date. Accounts only store images of mail that have been opened and scanned. If you would like to: add money to your Postage Account, change the card on file or check your contract expiration date, please click here

Problem: The Username and Password sent by Texas Home Base are not working. 
Answer: Please make sure that if you are highlighting your information to copy and paste, that there is not an extra space also highlighted. See pictures below for an example. If you are manually inputting your Username and Password remember that they are case sensitive. 


test password incorrect


test password

If you are still experiencing problems using the Username and Password sent by Texas Home Base, please email Dru at 

Problem: The Change Password, Forwarding Address, Update Address and download functions do not work. 
Answer: There are two reasons this may be happening: 

1. You are using Internet Explorer 11 or under. Certain key functions on the THB Account webpage do not work on Internet Explorer 11 or under. The JavaScript that Internet Explorer 11 or under runs is not compatible with the JavaScript used to upgrade our website. We are looking into also supporting Internet Explorer 11 and may update this in the future. Until that time, please use one of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera. 

2. The JavaScript on your browser is not enabled. You will find your JavaScript settings in the settings options on your browser.

Problem: Do I have to download each individual document? 
Answer: You can use the “Viewer” button to view your document and the “Download” button to download your document.

Problem: What do the numbers at the beginning and end of the document’s name mean?
Answer: The first number on the document name is the month’s number, ex. Jan = 01, Feb = 02, March = 03, April = 04, etc. The numbers at the end of the document is not the day of the month the piece is received, but rather the number we have given the document.  

Problem: I did not receive any documents this week? What has happened to my mail? 
Answer: It is common for our clients to have several weeks throughout the year that they do not receive any mail. Please check your account next Friday to check for new mail. 

Problem: When I select either Hold, Shred or Forward on each document and select Submit Options, nothing happens to my documents. Did Texas Home Base receive my requests? 
Answer: As long as the MAIL SORTING OPTIONS SUBMITTED note appeared at the bottom of your screen Texas Home Base will receive your requests. Any documents that you request us to SHRED or FORWARD when we have processed your request. Any documents that you have requested us to HOLD will be moved into the HOLD folder.

Problem: Why did I receive a blank “THB Mail Sorting Summary” email? 
Answer: Each time you select the “Submit Options” button your account will automatically send you a THB Mail Sorting Summary email. If you do not also select at least one Hold, Shred or Forward option then the email sent will be blank.

Problem: Each time I try to log in to the THB Account webpage I get this message – 

“Opppss looks like you entered an incorrect password too many times and your IP has been blocked. In order to remove your IP block contact Texas Home Base.”

Answer: Please contact Dru at or (866) 766-2095 to have this message removed. 

Problem: I am not receiving any update emails from my account including the THB Mail Sorting Summary and Forgotten Password (when needed). 
Answer: First, please check your Spam folder within your email. Second, please double check that the email listed on your account in the “Forwarding Address” window is correct. If it is incorrect or you need to update this email, please contact Dru at 


*Please contact Dru at with any other troubleshooting issues you may be having with the THB Account webpage.