Digital Mailbox Login


After you sign up for our Digital Mailbox scanning plan we will send you a Username and Password by email. To find more information on our Digital Mailbox Scanning service please see our Account FAQs page. 


With full encryption you must download and decrypt your mail using your private key. This option is for advanced users who find the need to protect highly sensitive documents and requires several extra steps. Full encryption mail scanning account login is also setup by Texas Home Base after you sign up for a new account. Login is only available if you have received by US postal mail your Texas Home Base starter packet which contains your decryption key. Your username and password will be emailed to you as soon as your account is ready.

MAIL FORWARDING & EMAILED SCANNING clients will not have access to this login. This section is only designed to store scanned mail documents and do not store any other account information. Please click here to visit the My Account page to update your account information if needed.