People use a mail forwarding service for many reasons.  Full time RV’ers don’t always own dirt.  The RV is their home and they need a place to receive mail and call “home base.” 
       There are many jobs that require travel, such as insurance adjusters, traveling nurses, workampers, sailors, and many more.  These traveling workers need an address to call “home.”  There are also people who live out of the country for a time but still do business in the USA.  They need a US address for their mail delivery.
       Small businesses that do not have a brick and mortar address still need a physical address as well, so that when customers google their name, then google maps can find an address.  This shows stability for their business.
       These are just a few of the reasons a person might need a mail forwarding service.  Here is what some of our customers are saying.

“You are our lifeline and we appreciate everything you do for us.”
A.C. Client since 6/12/2006

“I think you have an outstanding business. We have been very pleased with your service. Thank you so much.”
C.M. Client since 3/11/2008

“Thank you for your helpful service and your kind attention to detail.”
M.J. Client since 9/27/2009

“Thanks again for the great service.”
D.T. Client since 2/21/2008

You have gone above and beyond to give us great service. We appreciate you so much. The scanning service is perfect for us. I can’t believe we were getting our mail the other way.”
P.S. Client since 3/19/2008

“As always, it’s a pleasure working with you. In fact, the whole mail forwarding process has been the part of our adventure that has worked the best. No matter what has happened, Texas Home Base has always come through for us!”
F.D. Client since 01/12/2010