Texas Home Base Mail Scanning


Have your mail scanned for as low as $19/mo* to anywhere in the world with our mail scanning services. We provide a personal touch to each client! 

Digital Mailbox

Annual Contract - $220

6 month Contract  - $110

3 month Contract - $85


Digital Mailbox All mail is opened, scanned and stored in an online account

Digital Mailbox You will receive a unique username and password

Digital Mailbox Documents are uploaded once a week 

Digital Mailbox You will receive weekly notifications

bulletpoint1 Instruct us to Shred, Hold or Forward each document within account 

bulletpoint1 Update forwarding address in account 

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Emailed Scanning

Annual Contract - $220

6 month Contract - $110

3 month Contract - $85


Mail Scanning All mail is opened, scanned, and sent via email

Mail Scanning No username or password will be sent 

Mail Scanning Documents are scanned once a week and sent as attachments via email

Mail Scanning You will use a personal email address

bulletpoint1 Instruct us to Shred, Hold or Forward each document via email 

bulletpoint1 Update forwarding address via email 

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Included in All Mail Scanning Plans 

bulletpoint1 Postage for forwarding mail will be deducted from Postage Account if set up

bulletpoint1 No extra charge for forwarding requests 

bulletpoint1 Each client chooses when their mail is sent. Scanned mail is not sent on any designated schedule. 

bulletpoint1 Presorted Standard or "Junk Mail" is shredded at no extra charge

bulletpoint1 Any mail with no instructions attached will be shredded after 3 months

bulletpoint1 Checks can be deposited for an extra fee of $50 annually or $15 for 3 months

bulletpoint1 Address cannot be used as a "Registered Agent" address for Corporations

All Mail Scanning & Mail Forwarding applications require a physical USPS 1583 form sent to Texas Home Base along with 2 forms of ID for each adult receiving mail before a new address can be sent. For more information on this form, please click here

If you can send proof that the physical form was sent to Texas Home Base with a tracking number before 4:30pm on a business day, an address will be sent to you that day. If we receive the tracking number after 4:30pm or on a weekend, an address will be sent the next business day. Please send the tracking number to accounts@texashomebase.com. 


There are no membership fees, enrollment fees, or cancellation fees.  We receive an unlimited amount of mail for each account per month and do not charge extra handling fees. We shred and recycle all junk mail. A postage account for mail scanning is optional but recommended in order to forward requested mail. However, if you do not set up a Postage Account you will be charged for the cost of each forwarding request plus 5% of the shipping charge. Your postage account balance will depend on your mail volume. We do not offer a "Scan Envelope Only" option. Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Three month minimum is required on standard mail scanning services