Mail Scanning


Standard Mail Scanning Plans

S-12 $200.00 Annually
S-3 $75.00 Three Months

Mail is scanned and emailed the same week it is received at Texas Home Base. Texas Home Base will open all envelopes and scan the contents. You can access your scanned files through your online account. Specific mail can be forwarded at your request. Postage to forward mail will be deducted from your postage account. There is never a charge to shred "Junk Mail." Unless you give us instructions to "forward, hold, or shred" all mail is kept for 3 months then shredded. We do not offer a "Scan Envelope Only" option for our scanning clients.

Fully Encrypted Mail Scanning Plans

S-12E $250.00 Annually
S-6E $125.00 Six Months

For highly sensitive documents mail is scanned and immediately encrypted. This service quickly converts mail documents into encrypted virtual files. Encrypted mail is then available on your THB Account. Texas Home Base will open envelopes and scan the contents. Texas Home Base does not have decryption keys which further protects your mail. You can access your encrypted files using your online account.

Terms: There are no membership fees, enrollment fees, or cancellation fees.  We receive an unlimited amount of mail for each account per month and do not charge extra handling fees. We shred and recycle all your junk mail. Three month minimum is required on standard services and six months on fully encrypted plans. A postage account for mail scanning is optional but recommended in order to forward requested mail. Your postage account balance will depend on your mail volume. There is never an extra charge to hold mail. Prices are subject to change without notice.