What is All the Fun About?

What is All the Fun About?

Since 2002, Texas Home Base has been watching others purchase, redo, and or travel in their RV’s. Now it is time that we, at Texas Home Base, find out what all the fun is about. We took the plunge and purchased a 1973 Holiday Vacationer travel trailer. The owner that we bought it from had purchased it about 9 months ago. She found it stored in a barn for the past 20 years. It will be a total redo. The time it takes to remake it will be journaled and can be followed on Instagram. read more

Animals at Texas Home Base

20170421_090034 20170421_131548 20170421_085749 20170421_085620ANIMALS AT TEXAS HOME BASE

If you come to Texas Home Base you will be greeted by some friendly and not-so-friendly animals. Our outside cat named Rosie may be the first that you see when you drive up. Rosie, we estimate, is around 11 years old. She came to us on her own 11 years ago. Rosie had one litter of kittens but they all died. She is now blind in one eye and is the most vulnerable one of all the animals. At the turn of each season we say, “Will she make it through this season? “  She continues to surprise us and lives another season. She will be missed if she can’t make another summer with us. As you can see from the picture she is very talented. You may catch her on the go cart or sitting on her bench watching the birds eat her food.  Rosie is loved and laughed at by all of us at Texas Home Base. read more

What is the Difference in a Military Service Member’s Home of Record and a Domicile?

 Military Service Member’s Home of Record and Domicile

A military member will have a home of record and a domicile, or state of legal residence. The service member’s home of record is not necessarily where they are from though.  Consider the person who lived in Oklahoma but went to college in Texas. If that person joined the military while in college their home of record would be Texas. Unless the information was entered incorrectly, this person’s home of record will never change. The military will use the home of record for certain travel allowances.  Military spouses do not have a home of record.   read more

Why Does An Ex Pat Need A Mail Forwarding Service


An expatriate is “a person temporarily or permanently residing as an immigrant in a country other than that of their citizenship”.  With the increase in global mobility and the use of the internet an employee can work from a home office or anywhere in the world. If you are a US citizen living in another country because of your employment you may still need a US address.  You will need the US address for tax purposes, to keep your US driver’s license, voters registration, any memberships in business organizations, and banking purposes. read more

Who is a Full Time RV’er?


A person who sells their fixed home and chooses instead to make their permanent home in some type of recreational vehicle  is considered a full time RV’er.

There are many reasons why a person/couple would choose to be a full time RV’er. Traveling seems to be one of the top reasons to live this lifestyle. One can travel to the Southern states in the winter to avoid ice and snow then go to the Northern states in the summer to stay cool.  These people are sometimes referred to as “snowbirds”.  If you want to stay in 70 degree weather all year long, check out this link.
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What is Junk Mail and What Happens to Your’s


Merriam-Webster describes junk mail as unsolicited mail that consists mainly of promotional materials, catalogs, and requests for donations. Advertising mail accounts for 59 percent of all mail Americans receive. But only half of that mail is ever read, according to the United States Postal Service. The term was first used in 1954. “How did I get on those junk mailing lists?” you might ask.  Perhaps you gave a company your name and contact information when you ordered a product. Your name can be gathered if you buy a house or a car, ordered a product from another catalog, participate in a store’s loyalty program, or send in a charitable donation. A company can “rent” a list of names from similar companies.
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Domicile vs Residence


What is the difference between a domicile and a residence? A domicile is where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return; every person is compelled to have one and only one domicile at a time. Everyone must have a “domicile”. If you sell your home and live in your recreational vehicle or tiny home fulltime, the RV or tiny home is not your domicile, it is your residence. A legal residence is the place of abode, actual dwelling place, without regard to intent.
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