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If you lead a nomadic lifestyle, you may not have a permanent address to receive your mail and packages.  Or perhaps you run a business from your home, but don’t want your home address listed publicly.  Maybe you are an expatriate but you still need a domestic address.  A Commercial Mail Receiving Agent  (CMRA) can provide you with a mailing address.  But what is a CMRA and what exactly can they do for you?

A CMRA is a private business that accepts mail and packages on your behalf.  The CMRA will then hold your mail for you to pick up at a later date, or forward your mail to you upon your request.  You and your chosen CMRA must fill out a USPS Form 1583, which your CMRA will file with the USPS.  You will also be required to send two forms of identification with the USPS Form 1583 to legally allow the CMRA to operate as your agent in handling your mail.

A Commercial Mail Receiving Agent will provide you with a physical street address and private mailbox number.   A CMRA can sign for your packages from any delivery service and sign as your agent for any USPS certified mail.  Some CMRAs also provide other business services such as copies, sending/receiving faxes, courier services, check depositing, or scanning your mail into a virtual mailbox.

When you choose Texas Home Base as your CMRA, you have several options with regards to how your mail is handled.  Texas Home Base will forward your mail monthly, twice a month, or weekly.  Alternatively, Texas Home Base will hold all your mail for you until you contact us and request that we forward it. If you are waiting for a certain piece of correspondence or package, just let us know.  We will contact you when we receive it.

If you would prefer to receive the contents of your mail electronically,  Texas Home Base offers a scanning service.  Once a week, your mail will be opened, scanned into a PDF, and uploaded to your THB Account.  You can then request that each piece be either held, forwarded, or securely shredded. Texas Home Base will notify you of any packages you receive and hold them until you are ready to have them forwarded.

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