Top 5 Tiny House Living Tips

TOP 5 TINY HOUSE LIVING TIPS Contributor: Olivia Moore at Tiny Spaces Living There are many TV programs and reality shows like Tiny House Hunters or Tiny House which focus on small space living. Living in tiny houses is a movement started in the United States. Basically, the tiny house culture is a minimalist way of living. The trend … Read more

What is All the Fun About?

What is All the Fun About? Since 2002, Texas Home Base has been watching others purchase, redo, and or travel in their RV’s. Now it is time that we, at Texas Home Base, find out what all the fun is about. We took the plunge and purchased a 1973 Holiday Vacationer travel trailer. The owner … Read more

Animals at Texas Home Base

ANIMALS AT TEXAS HOME BASE If you come to Texas Home Base you will be greeted by some friendly and not-so-friendly animals. Our outside cat named Rosie may be the first that you see when you drive up. Rosie, we estimate, is around 11 years old. She came to us on her own 11 years … Read more

The Tiny House Phenomenon

THE TINY HOUSE PHENOMENON The tiny house social movement is about more than just living in a smaller home. There are environmental concerns, financial concerns, and the desire to live more free. Freedom from “stuff” or the minimalist lifestyle is not an easy one but many people are adopting this lifestyle to be free from … Read more

What is the Difference in a Military Service Member’s Home of Record and a Domicile?

 Military Service Member’s Home of Record and Domicile A military member will have a home of record and a domicile, or state of legal residence. The service member’s home of record is not necessarily where they are from though.  Consider the person who lived in Oklahoma but went to college in Texas. If that person joined … Read more

Traveling With Your Pet

TRAVELING WITH YOUR PET Many fulltime RV’ers travel with their pets. Pets are very much like people when it comes to traveling. Some pets take to the road like a pro, but then you might have a dog or cat that isn’t really a “happy camper”.  Here are some tips to help your pet feel … Read more

Who is a Full Time RV’er?

WHO IS A FULL TIME RV’er? A person who sells their fixed home and chooses instead to make their permanent home in some type of recreational vehicle  is considered a full time RV’er. There are many reasons why a person/couple would choose to be a full time RV’er. Traveling seems to be one of the … Read more

What is Junk Mail and What Happens to Your’s

WHAT IS JUNK MAIL AND WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR’S Merriam-Webster describes junk mail as unsolicited mail that consists mainly of promotional materials, catalogs, and requests for donations. Advertising mail accounts for 59 percent of all mail Americans receive. But only half of that mail is ever read, according to the United States Postal Service. The … Read more