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Tiny House

There are many TV programs and reality shows like Tiny House Hunters or Tiny House which focus on small space living. Living in tiny houses is a movement started in the United States. Basically, the tiny house culture is a minimalist way of living. The trend for tiny house spaces especially started since hurricanes and floods have devastated many people’s homes. As these houses are mobile, you can travel freely wherever you want.

Tiny houses measure up to 500 square ft. They are filled with only basic necessities like a kitchen, bed, bathroom, living space and much needed appliances. You also get semi-DIY and even DIY tiny houses from housing retailers like 84 Lumber, Jamaica Cottage Shop, etc. You can build your own tiny house from scratch but you may need some professional help. Here are 5 tips on how to live in a tiny house comfortably with the proper interior planning.

1. Storage creativity

When you are building a tiny house, you should design it in a way that is compact but offers comfort. When you are living in a tiny house, keep it simple. Appliances, which are really a necessity, like food processors and a vacuum cleaner can be kept. You should de-clutter and only keep the possessions needed. Regarding storage, you can store items on wall mounted shelves. You can even buy a set of floating shelves. You can get these shelves individually at a very reasonable price on Amazon or any online retail site. These shelves come in different patterns and designs to keep your wall spaces creative and colorful. It also increases the space area to move about in the house. When there are kids in the home, you can mount some cabinets on walls to keep their toys and books. Try building ceiling lofts and converting them into tiny nooks for reading or sleeping. If you have stairs in your tiny house, use the space under the stairs to make either a tiny room or cellar. You can even convert it into a bookshelf. Use that space!

2. Extend on the outside

When you are building a tiny house, build it in such a way that certain areas of the house can be extended and closed off over the years as per your convenience. There are people who have kept their washrooms or bathtubs outside as an extended part of their tiny home. If you want places to relax, you can build a porch or gazebo and enjoy a calm evening outside your home. You can also build a small makeshift kitchen for your barbecues.

3. Make your small spaces brighter and colorful

By installing mirrors, painting your living room, bedroom, and bathroom with bright colors, you can play with the lighting. This can make the tiny spaces seem large and bright. You should try putting up colorful curtains. You can mount cabinets which have mirrors. You should play with color combinations in a room. For example, you can paint one wall dark green and the rest white. If you love putting up wallpapers instead of painting, you should choose patterns which have large abstract designs. You can purchase low seating furniture like a divan or you can buy floor cushions. This gives a visitor an illusion that you have a lot of vertical space. It makes your room look larger. Also installing skylights or large windows to get more light will make the room seem larger. You should set potted plants in every nook and corner of your house. Plants not only keep the air inside cleaner but also healthy. Occupy every tiny space and make your house look beautiful, bright and colorful.

4. Use up your wall space

Nowadays you buy a lot of furniture which can be folded down. You can install a folding dining table or even a folding bed. After use, simply mount it back on the wall. There are mattresses that can be accommodated into the wall along with the bed. This way you will be getting a lot of space to move around. In your kitchen you may have many pots, pans, and cutlery. Instead of building drawers, you could just fix them up on the wall. This way it not only saves space but also looks neat. Any furniture or items mounted should have a strong locking mechanism. Clutter does not look attractive, especially if it’s in a tiny house. You should try going for storage spaces on the wall which are open or have closed glass cabinets. This draws your visitor’s eye upwards from your flooring to your walls thus making them look bigger. You should hang up large photo frames in your rooms. If you hang up smaller frames it makes the wall look cluttered. If you have a huge collection of books, souvenirs or artifacts, you might set up DIY bookshelves from ceiling to floor. It gives the air of neatness. Instead of bulky walls, try using wall dividers, sliding doors, or curtains to allow breathing space.

5. Check out other tiny houses or DIY online tutorials

To get more creative about designing and living in your tiny house, you can check out those who already have tiny houses or even view online DIY tutorials. Checking out other tiny homes may give new ideas or insights.  Make your stay in a tiny house enjoyable.


Living in a tiny house helps in embracing a simpler life. These houses can include up to 5 people, depending on the amount of space inside the house. Living in a house this small saves a lot of money. Also, folks are becoming environmentally friendly. According to them living in a tiny house reduces their carbon footprint and saves the world in their own small way.

Contributor: Olivia Moore 

Tiny Spaces Living

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