Elaine Pennartz, Owner
Elaine founded Texas Home Base in 2002 after working as a shipping manager for an international manufacturing company.  She saw the need for a mail forwarding service in Texas that could offer personal service to the client.

Many mail forwarding services become so large that the client becomes ‘just a number.’  Elaine seeks to give each client personal and quality service at all times.  She learned the value of quality while working for the ISO 9000/2000 manufacturing company while her husband, Bobby, was a quality manager.

Elaine and Bobby were married 50 years in December 2015.  They always joke that they were married as children, which is almost true.  They were high school sweethearts and married the same year they graduated.  They are the parents of three daughters, Sherri, Lori, and Julie, and have been blessed with six grandchildren and one great-granddaughter!

When Elaine left her shipping manager job in 2002, she needed a stay-at-home job.  Her ninety-year-old mother had come to live with her and Bobby after Elaine’s father passed away, and she wanted to be home to take care of her.  Her mother lived with them for six years until her passing.

Elaine knew shipping, mailing, and quality.  These skills lead her to create Texas Home Base.  Elaine has purely grown the business in a slow, but steady manor.  Because of the slower growth, Elaine has established procedures and policies that have made Texas Home Base a quality, personal business.

Julie Stewart, Scanning Manager
The steady growth of Texas Home Base has dictated that Elaine put her daughter, Julie, to work.  Julie Stewart has great experience in the area of mailing.  She ran the Distance Education mail room at the University of Texas in Austin before she married and had three children.  Julie was Valedictorian of her high school class and now home schools her children.  She is a great asset to Texas Home Base.

Bobby Pennartz, Valuable Assistant and Advisor
Bobby is a valuable part of Texas Home Base.  He contributes his knowledge and skills in building fixtures.  Bobby also gives support and expert advise when it comes to business decisions.  Because of Bobby’s past experience as quality manager, his advise is extremely valuable and beneficial to the continuation of our success.

Dru Pennartz Morrison, Accounts Manager
Dru Pennartz Morrison, granddaughter of Elaine and Bobby, joined the team in 2015 and took over managing the accounts.  She has worked for a major international ministry in Texas and last worked for a local dental surgeon.  Dru is a valuable addition to Texas Home Base, as she brings new ideas and knowledge to the table.

Aaron Morrison, Shipping Manager
Our newest employee, Aaron Morrison, has experience as a manager at a local retail store and most recently worked with installing and shipping car audio equipment.  As the shipping demands of Texas Home Base have grown, we were in need of a trusted employee to handle our day-to-day shipments.  Aaron is not only a wonderful addition to our family through his marriage to Dru, but he is also a valuable addition to Texas Home Base.