Many jobs require traveling.  Sailors, nurses, military and workampers are just a few of these jobs. Keeping up with your mail is one thing that you should not have to worry about. Your mail can be received and then forwarded to you by the USPS, Fedex, or UPS or can be scanned and emailed to you. 



People are thinking big and going small. Tiny houses are getting more popular today because people want to free themselves of stuff and focus on enjoying life more. Tiny homes allow people to travel with their home instead of being tied to one place with all of the things that go along with owning property.

Taxes, utilities, yard work, and neighborhood expectations are just a few of the reason that many people want to own a tiny home. Expenses are another reason to live in a tiny home. The average price in Feb 2016 for a home in the US was $348,900 including the land. The medium cost was $301,400. A tiny home can be purchased for less than $60,000. That price will get you a very nice, fully complete home. A person can buy this home and move it anywhere they want to live.  

Tiny house owners need a mail forwarding service because they may not live in the same place for a length of time. Texas Home Base allows the tiny home owner that freedom.

Texas Home Base mail receiving – forwarding service is the answer to any mailing needs that you might have.

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