What is All the Fun About?

What is All the Fun About?

Since 2002, Texas Home Base has been watching others purchase, redo, and or travel in their RV’s. Now it is time that we, at Texas Home Base, find out what all the fun is about. We took the plunge and purchased a 1973 Holiday Vacationer travel trailer. The owner that we bought it from had purchased it about 9 months ago. She found it stored in a barn for the past 20 years. It will be a total redo. The time it takes to remake it will be journaled and can be followed on Instagram.

Our plans are to tear out the complete inside, from floor to ceiling. We will be replacing the appliances with new, more efficient, ones. We plan to use all LED lighting and placing a solar panel on the roof. It looks like we will have to rewire it and maybe even replumb it.

Right now, it has a very large booth that serves as the table and makes into a bed. This takes up way too much space. We will build the table and bed system in the front of the trailer along with a bench extending down one side. All benches will have storage underneath. We plan to replace the old inefficient large fridge with a smaller one and build it into a different cabinet. We will build a small pantry next to the kitchen counter top and sink.

It has the dark paneling that was so popular in the 70s along with harvest gold stove, sink, shower, and bathroom sink. That was great back then, but we would like it to have a more up to date look. It will be interesting to see what we come up with.

Here are some pictures of the trailer. You can follow our progress on Instagram @txhomebase.

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