Animals at Texas Home Base

20170421_090034 20170421_131548 20170421_085749 20170421_085620ANIMALS AT TEXAS HOME BASE

If you come to Texas Home Base you will be greeted by some friendly and not-so-friendly animals. Our outside cat named Rosie may be the first that you see when you drive up. Rosie, we estimate, is around 11 years old. She came to us on her own 11 years ago. Rosie had one litter of kittens but they all died. She is now blind in one eye and is the most vulnerable one of all the animals. At the turn of each season we say, “Will she make it through this season? “  She continues to surprise us and lives another season. She will be missed if she can’t make another summer with us. As you can see from the picture she is very talented. You may catch her on the go cart or sitting on her bench watching the birds eat her food.  Rosie is loved and laughed at by all of us at Texas Home Base. read more

The Tiny House Phenomenon

tiny house picture


The tiny house social movement is about more than just living in a smaller home. There are environmental concerns, financial concerns, and the desire to live more free. Freedom from “stuff” or the minimalist lifestyle is not an easy one but many people are adopting this lifestyle to be free from clutter and financial obligations. read more

What is the Difference in a Military Service Member’s Home of Record and a Domicile?

 Military Service Member’s Home of Record and Domicile

A military member will have a home of record and a domicile, or state of legal residence. The service member’s home of record is not necessarily where they are from though.  Consider the person who lived in Oklahoma but went to college in Texas. If that person joined the military while in college their home of record would be Texas. Unless the information was entered incorrectly, this person’s home of record will never change. The military will use the home of record for certain travel allowances.  Military spouses do not have a home of record.   read more