Traveling With Your Pet


Many fulltime RV’ers travel with their pets. Pets are very much like people when it comes to traveling. Some pets take to the road like a pro, but then you might have a dog or cat that isn’t really a “happy camper”.  Here are some tips to help your pet feel safe and secure as you travel the road.
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Who is a Full Time RV’er?


A person who sells their fixed home and chooses instead to make their permanent home in some type of recreational vehicle  is considered a full time RV’er.

There are many reasons why a person/couple would choose to be a full time RV’er. Traveling seems to be one of the top reasons to live this lifestyle. One can travel to the Southern states in the winter to avoid ice and snow then go to the Northern states in the summer to stay cool.  These people are sometimes referred to as “snowbirds”.  If you want to stay in 70 degree weather all year long, check out this link.
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What is Junk Mail and What Happens to Your’s


Merriam-Webster describes junk mail as unsolicited mail that consists mainly of promotional materials, catalogs, and requests for donations. Advertising mail accounts for 59 percent of all mail Americans receive. But only half of that mail is ever read, according to the United States Postal Service. The term was first used in 1954. “How did I get on those junk mailing lists?” you might ask.  Perhaps you gave a company your name and contact information when you ordered a product. Your name can be gathered if you buy a house or a car, ordered a product from another catalog, participate in a store’s loyalty program, or send in a charitable donation. A company can “rent” a list of names from similar companies.
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Domicile vs Residence


What is the difference between a domicile and a residence? A domicile is where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return; every person is compelled to have one and only one domicile at a time. Everyone must have a “domicile”. If you sell your home and live in your recreational vehicle or tiny home fulltime, the RV or tiny home is not your domicile, it is your residence. A legal residence is the place of abode, actual dwelling place, without regard to intent.
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Why Domicile in Texas?


No state income tax, which includes:
Social security
Private pension income
Estate tax

Texas is the largest contiguous state in the US. Because of our size there are 4 distinct regions. East Texas has the Piney Woods region where there are many National and State Parks, private RV parks and campgrounds. West Texas has a warm dry climate with Big Bend National Park where there are many tent campgrounds.Panhandle region has the flat lands and canyons such as Palo Duro Canyon. This region is home to many RV parks and campgrounds. South Texas has the Gulf of Mexico coastline where fishing and water sports are everywhere.
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More About CMRAs


If you lead a nomadic lifestyle, you may not have a permanent address to receive your mail and packages.  Or perhaps you run a business from your home, but don’t want your home address listed publicly.  Maybe you are an expatriate but you still need a domestic address.  A Commercial Mail Receiving Agent  (CMRA) can provide you with a mailing address.  But what is a CMRA and what exactly can they do for you? read more