Average Postage Paid in a Year


How much postage can a person with a yearly contract with Texas Home Base expect pay?  That is a questions many perspective clients are asking.  Of course it will depend on the service that best meets your needs.

Texas Home Base has a Weekly, Twice a Month, and a Monthly mail forwarding service. If the client’s mail is forwarded in the US the average Weekly contract is somewhere around $134.00 per year. The average Twice a Month client can expect to pay an average of $109.00 per year and the Monthly client will average about $59.00 for a year.

If the client’s mail is forwarded internationally, the Weekly contract is approximately $188.00 annually. The Twice a Month international client averages about $124.00 a year for postage. A Monthly contract client will only pay an average of $119.00 for a year for postage.

An international scanning client can expect to pay an average of $76.00 a year in postage.  Mail sent in the US for a scanning client averages around $86.00 a year.

We averaged 10 clients in each category and how much they paid per year to reach these conclusions. Of course many clients pay less and some pay more, depending on how often they want their mail forwarded and how much mail they have received. These numbers give a person an idea of what to expect in the way of postage for a year. 

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