Who is a Full Time RV’er?


A person who sells their fixed home and chooses instead to make their permanent home in some type of recreational vehicle  is considered a full time RV’er.

There are many reasons why a person/couple would choose to be a full time RV’er. Traveling seems to be one of the top reasons to live this lifestyle. One can travel to the Southern states in the winter to avoid ice and snow then go to the Northern states in the summer to stay cool.  These people are sometimes referred to as “snowbirds”.  If you want to stay in 70 degree weather all year long, check out this link.

Another reason a person might live in their RV is because their work demands that they travel.  It is easier and more comfortable to bring their home with them than to live in hotels. Workampers travel in their RVs while working at many different kinds of jobs. They can choose when and where they would like to work.

Recently there has been a rise in young families traveling in their RVs fulltime. The children of these families are being home schooled on the road. They are getting a “hands – on” education of the history of America.  Texas is a friendly state for home school families.  You can see more about this subject here.

Full time travel has many advantages, but also some problems will arise. One of those problems is where to have your mail sent.  Since you don’t own “dirt” and are not always in the same place you need an address. This is where Texas Home Base comes in. We issue you a street address in Wichita Falls, Texas. You can have your mail sent to this address then we forward it to you wherever you are. You may be in another country or in the next state, but your mail will get to you. If you prefer to get your mail at your computer we will open and scan the mail. You can access your scanned files through your on line account with Texas Home Base.   Learn more about our Scanning Service here.


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