Traveling With Your Pet


Many fulltime RV’ers travel with their pets. Pets are very much like people when it comes to traveling. Some pets take to the road like a pro, but then you might have a dog or cat that isn’t really a “happy camper”.  Here are some tips to help your pet feel safe and secure as you travel the road.

  1. Before you choose a RV resort or park you should be sure that the park management will accept pets.
  2. Always feed and water your pet in the same place in your RV. That will provide them with a sense of security.
  3. Provide a travel carrier for your pet so that when you are on the road the pet is secure and not being tossed around in the RV.
  4. Be sure that you have a leash to walk your dog in the RV park. That will protect your pet from other animals and traffic in the park.
  5. Clean up after your pet. The first rule of travel is to be a good neighbor.
  6. Never leave your pet tied to your RV. That will make the pet vulnerable to other animals if the pet can’t defend himself or run to avoid attacks.
  7. Be sure that your pet has all of the vaccinations and shots required by your vet.
  8. Carry the certificate confirming those vaccinations and shots.
  9. Please put a tag or some other type of identification on your pet. You may want to have your pet tattooed or an under the skin implant for identification. Ask your vet about those services.

You can find out more at the Humane Society website here.

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