Average Postage Paid in a Year


How much postage can a person with a yearly contract with Texas Home Base expect pay?  That is a question many perspective clients are asking.  Of course it will depend on the service that best meets your needs.

Texas Home Base has a Weekly, Twice a Month, and a Monthly mail forwarding service. Below you will find averages for a year of postage paid for both domestic and international clients:
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Why Domicile in Texas?


No state income tax, which includes:
Social security
Private pension income
Estate tax

Texas is the largest contiguous state in the US. Because of our size there are 4 distinct regions. East Texas has the Piney Woods region where there are many National and State Parks, private RV parks and campgrounds. West Texas has a warm dry climate with Big Bend National Park where there are many tent campgrounds.Panhandle region has the flat lands and canyons such as Palo Duro Canyon. This region is home to many RV parks and campgrounds. South Texas has the Gulf of Mexico coastline where fishing and water sports are everywhere.
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More About CMRAs


If you lead a nomadic lifestyle, you may not have a permanent address to receive your mail and packages.  Or perhaps you run a business from your home, but don’t want your home address listed publicly.  Maybe you are an expatriate but you still need a domestic address.  A Commercial Mail Receiving Agent  (CMRA) can provide you with a mailing address.  But what is a CMRA and what exactly can they do for you? read more