Account FAQs


Question: How will my THB Scanning Account look? 
Answer: Below is an example of how your THB Scanning Account will look.

How will account look

Question: How will I instruct Texas Home Base to Hold, Shred or Forward my mail?  
Answer: Next to each uploaded document on your account, there will be options to Hold, Shred or Forward. You will select one of these options for each mail piece and then click the “Submit Options” button at the bottom of the screen. Below is an example of how this will look on your account. 

How will I instruct

Question: How will Texas Home Base know where to send my mail?  
Answer: You will update your forwarding address on your THB account. When you instruct Texas Home Base to forward your mail pieces your mail will be sent to the Forwarding Address on your account. 

Question: When will I need to update my forwarding address? 
Answer: You will need to make sure the the forwarding address is correct before you select any documents to be forwarded. When your instruct Texas Home Base to forward your mail, your mail will be sent to the forwarding address listed on your account. 

Question: What are the Forward, Hold  and Shred folders on my THB Account?   
Answer:  These folders are updated with the documents that you have chosen to Forward, Hold or Shred at the end of each business day. The Forward and Shred folders will be emptied at the end of each month and the Hold folder will be emptied when Texas Home Base is instructed to forward your held documents. 

Question: Does the THB Account webpage work on any kind of browser? 
Answer: The account webpage works on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Safari. At this time it is not supported on older versions of Internet Explorer. 

Question: Is my mail fully encrypted?
Answer: The standard scanning plan protects your mail documents only with standard browser encryption. Mail documents are accessible and protected through account ownership. The fully encrypted plan encrypts mail documents as soon as they are scanned and offers a much higher level of privacy protection. Please see our Encryption page for more information on this process.

When fully encrypted the client is the only one able to access his/her files. You will access the mail with a decryption key mailed to you in a starter kit. If you need a replacement key a charge of $10.00 will be required. This is an option for those who receive highly sensitive mail. We are living in a time where hackers are constantly looking for ways to obtain sensitive information. If you choose the fully encrypted service you will be required to decrypt your mail documents using a PC. In order to view your documents the fully encrypted mail process will require a few extra steps.

*Please see our Account Instructions page for PDF and video instructions on how to use the THB Account webpage.