Texas Home Base Contract


Note: A postage deposit of $50 due with application is optional for mail scanning services. Any unused postage at the conclusion of my agreement is refundable (after the 6 months that my mail must be forwarded). The contract below supersedes any other oral or written agreements. This application may not be edited in any manner by the applicant.

1.) I hereby release Texas Home Base from any liability for loss or destruction of mail unless the same was caused by the gross negligence of Texas Home Base or its employees or agents.

2.) This contract and the application is the entire agreement and may not be edited and supersede any written or oral agreement. Charges for services rendered by Texas Home Base shall be due and payable in Wichita Falls, Texas.

3.) I understand and agree that if my account with Texas Home Base becomes delinquent, Texas Home Base may discontinue forwarding my mail and return my mail to sender after reasonable notification to me by email.

4.) I agree to give Texas Home Base a current debit/credit card to remain on file with Texas Home Base. I understand that this card will be used to automatically renew my contract and /or fund my postage account with Texas Home Base. If I do not wish to renew my contract I will notify Texas Home Base in writing. Texas Home Base will never give out debit/credit card information. Texas Home Base will notify me of the date of contract expiration and postage account balance on each envelope/box containing my mail when sent to me.

5.) Texas Home Base reserves the right to terminate this contract. Reasonable notification shall be made by email of termination of contract. Texas Home Base shall return any money remaining in the postage account balance immediately upon termination of contract.

6.) I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to complete a “Change of Address” form with the USPS to my new PMB address. I shall take full responsibility to inform family, friends, and associates of my new mailing address provided by Texas Home Base.

7.) I agree that, according to the USPS regulations, I cannot file a “Change of Address” from a PMB address. I shall take full responsibility to inform family, friends, and associates of my new mailing address when this contract has ended.

Commercial Mail Receiving Agents must accept and re-send mail to former customers for 6 months after termination of the agency relationship. However, I understand and agree that the mail will not be forwarded at the expense of Texas Home Base. I agree that I will provide postage money to continue to forward any mail during the 6 months. If postage is not provided, I understand that my mail will not be forwarded.

8.) When this contract expires, I understand and agree that I shall provide a forwarding address to Texas Home Base. Any remaining money in my postage account, at the end of the six months period will be refunded to me.

9.) If, for any reason, I terminate this business contract before the annual/monthly ending date, I understand and agree that there will not be any money returned to me. I forfeit the remainder of the money paid for the annual/monthly service.

10.) I have made payment through texashomebase.com or called 1 (866) 766-2095 to give debit/credit card information for the service and postage account balance. I agree that my mail will ONLY be forwarded to me by carriers that supply a tracking number. USPS First Class can ONLY be used if I give permission.

11.) I understand and agree that when my postage account balance drops below $10.00 Texas Home Base will use the current debit/credit card on file to renew the postage account back to $50.00. Texas Home Base shall notify me before the postage account is renewed. It is my responsibility to keep a current debit/credit card and the current expiration date on the debit/credit card on file with Texas Home Base. Any unused postage will be refunded after the above mentioned 6 month period.

12.) Texas Home Base will not give out any information about my whereabouts or me unless I have agreed. If Texas Home Base receives a phone call from a person asking for me Texas Home Base will decline knowing me or my whereabouts. However, I understand that Texas Home Base is legally required to give information about me and my last forwarding address if there is a legal investigation that involves me. I understand that if I am participating in any illegal activities that might involve my PMB address, Texas Home Base will give information to authorities that could advance their investigation.