Mail Scanning Application

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Based on the Mail Scanning Service plan that I select below, by digitally signing this contract I authorize Texas Home Base to charge my credit card in the amount below. I also agree that Texas Home Base has permission to renew my postage account balance for $50 when it drops below $10 using this card and renew my contract the month that it will expire. If I do not wish to renew my contract I will inform Texas Home Base before the contract expiration date. Your completion of this authorization helps us protect you, our valued client, from credit card fraud. Texas Home Base will keep all information entered strictly confidential.

The term of this contract is based on the mail scanning plan you have selected. Prices are subject to change without notice when contract expires. To complete the sign up process you must download PS Form 1583 and send the original form with two forms of photo ID to Texas Home Base. For more information on this form, click here. By signing this contract I declare that I have read, understand, and agree to the complete contract.