How does the Digital Mailbox Service work?

When the mail comes into the office, each piece is named sequentially and according to the month it is received (ex. 08aug-01, 08aug-02, 08aug-03, etc.) Each document is opened, scanned, and uploaded to your Digital Mailbox once a week. Once you have read the mail you will instruct us to Hold, Shred or Forward with the options next to each document. Example – You may wish to have 09sep-01 and 09sep-02 shredded, 09sep-03 held for future forwarding, and 09sep-04 forwarded immediately to a forwarding address you provide.

You will have the option to “View” the PDF in a separate window or “Download” it directly onto your PC, laptop or Mac. If you are using a mobile device (phone or tablet), you will only see the option to “Download” the PDF. 

To view basic instructions on this service, click here