How does the Emailed Scanning Service work?

When the mail comes into the office, each piece is named sequentially and according to the month received (ex: aug01, aug02, aug03, etc.). Each document is opened, scanned and sent via email once a week. Once you have read the mail, you will instruct us to Hold, Shred or Forward each document. Example – You may wish to have 08aug-01 and 08aug-02 shredded, 08aug-03 held for forwarding, and 08aug-04 forwarded immediately to a forwarding address you provide. read more

Are you able to deposit a check if I receive one?

Yes, for a yearly fee of $50 or a $15 fee every 3 months Texas Home Base can deposit your checks. If you use Wells Fargo, Bank of America or Chase Bank we will physically deliver your check. For other banks we will need a pre-printed deposit slip associated with your bank account number. Texas Home Base will forward your check along with the deposit slip to your bank’s address.  read more