Is my mail encrypted?

The standard scanning plan protects your mail documents only with standard browser encryption. Mail documents are accessible and protected through account ownership.

What is the Hold folder on my Digital Mailbox?

The “Hold” folder is used to store any documents you have requested us to “Hold.” We will hold these documents until you have instructed us to either “Forward” or “Shred” them. As soon as we have completed your “Forward” or “Shred” request the document will be deleted from your account.  read more

When will I need to update my forwarding address?

You will need to make sure the the forwarding address is correct before you select any documents to be forwarded. When your instruct Texas Home Base to forward your mail, your mail will be sent to the forwarding address listed on your account. 

How will Texas Home Base know where to send my mail?

You will update your forwarding address on your Digital Mailbox. When you instruct Texas Home Base to forward your mail pieces your mail will be sent to the Forwarding Address on your account. You can view this address by clicking the FORWARDING ADDRESS button on your account.  read more

Are you able to deposit a check if I receive one?

Yes, for a yearly fee of $50 or a $15 fee every 3 months Texas Home Base can deposit your checks. If you use Wells Fargo, Bank of America or Chase Bank we will physically deliver your check. For other banks we will need a pre-printed deposit slip associated with your bank account number. Texas Home Base will forward your check along with the deposit slip to your bank’s address.  read more